How To Build Continuous Affiliate Income With Squeeze Pages – Part 2

How To Build Continuous Affiliate Income With Squeeze Pages – Part 2

Your Offer

By Iszuddin Ismail

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In part 1, I covered pretty much how you use a squeeze page to build affiliate income. The biggest secret is about putting the right messages in your autoresponder sequence. With the right messages, you will be earning affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Now, how do we get traffic to your squeeze page?

It starts with your offer. I have two rules when it comes to your offer.

1 – It has be something people really want.

2 – It has to be something new or unique.

Some places offer squeeze page templates. And these are not just any kind of squeeze page templates. They are professionally-designed. They look nice and clean, and what’s important is that they convert more visitors into subscribers. It’s not any other squeeze page templates you normally see out there.

I even have an angle when promoting, and I tell them that their squeeze page templates are cheesy, and mine will perform better. And on my squeeze page, I even tell them that I improved the squeeze page of another affiliate marketer by 50.2%. And I put that in a PDF report that they can download and read.

Here’s how you can craft your offer.

Take a look at other offers out there. And then think about how you can make yours different or unique. Sometimes, all that I see is that people just offer more stuffs. But all those “extra” stuffs have no value in them. People are not excited even if you pile 20 ebooks in there, and claim they are worth thousands. You have to know what people want. And you have to be unique.

Let me give you a few example. If you want to offer information about affiliate marketing, instead of telling your website visitors they will make a lot of money, you can tell them they can see their first dollar within 7 days. And have proof that you have done it before.

Here’s another example. You see that many websites are offering information on how to make money with Adsense. Instead of doing that, why don’t you show something that is “better-than-Adsense”. Or perhaps you can say something like, “I don’t put have Adsense and I still make more money thank you”. Here’s your assignment. Look for ways to make your offer unique. Because with a unique, generating traffic becomes a lot easier.

OK, we still haven’t talk about traffic generation. Perhaps in the next installment of this squeeze page series.

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