Anyone who has been involved in back-end marketing knows
that the basics of the strategy have been around for a long
time. As a close kin to that good old standby of upselling,
basic back-end marketing is all about mining an existing
client base for more sales. This is not only achieved by
enticing the customer to buy more of the products previously
bought, but to also select additional products that will
either complement the original purchase item, or maybe
address a whole new need or desire.

As a marketing approach, back-end marketing was an easy
strategy to move from the traditional marketplace into the
virtual world of online sales and sales promotions. It has
been easily demonstrated that clients who are happy with the
online purchase of goods and services are willing to come
back for more. With the right touch, these customers also
are open to learning about other products, and even giving
them a try.

However, back-end marketing can go far beyond recognizing
the direct customer to vendor connection. At its best, this
marketing approach can also be utilized to bring new
customers into the fold, making it possible to ever expand
the client base and the potential to increase sales across
the board. Many online entrepreneurs are aware of this fact,
but are just waking up to how powerful this application of
back-end marketing can be.

What has been lacking up to now is one simple resource that
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