We can easily see that there are many benefits for both the content site as well as the mini site. The question, then, might be: Is there a ?hybrid? type of site that might embrace traits from both types of Web site?

What took you so long to ask? Enter stage right {drum roll!} — the Mini Theme Site!

A mini theme site is a dead ringer for (but smaller than) a huge content site, but with a crucial difference: It is firmly focused on just one portion of a theme. Build around a topic you really enjoy and one that addresses your readers' needs, optimize it for the search engines, and be ready to hang tight for superior upcoming results, because you are now ready to achieve success.

We even think this concept deserves a title with more impact… Let?s call this new breed of Web site a ?Mega Mini Site.? which will have both the characteristics of a mini site and those of a content site, but its primary purpose is still to make the sale.

Of course, you might lose some visitors with clicks to your other pages and perhaps some external links. But if you consider the other rewards like repeat visitors and increased search engine traffic, the trade-off seems obvious.

You might even consider linking several of your mini sites together within this overall concept, which also will achieve better search engine rankings.

To tell the truth, at this point in the Internet Game, the best strategy really is to combine the two types of sites in the manner we?ve just explored. You will have a large content site to rank highly in the search engines, and this in turn will feed traffic to your mini sites.

No matter which way you go, you must specifically design your site for your potential customers. Provide them with the information they desire and solutions for their needs, and be sure to consistently mention the benefits of your products. You will reap the rewards!

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