Ebooks are popular for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the convenience they offer because we can instantly download them upon purchase and we can make that purchase at two o’clock in the morning if we so desire, in our pajamas to boot! What could be easier or more convenient? Making sure your customers can take their ebook with them wherever they go.

Face it. As captivating as your ebook probably is, not everyone has the time to sit down and read it, even if it is only 50 pages. Besides, many ebooks offer a large amount of powerful information that simply can’t be ingested through a quick read-through. Whether your customers travel by car, plane, or work out at the gym, they’re taking their media with them. We know this because of the explosion in sales of MP3 players, Ipods, and other similar gadgets.

Don’t miss out on sales because your competitor offers a similar product that includes an audio version. It won’t cost you that much more to produce and its inclusion in your ebook package can boost sales through the roof. Whether your ebook is a how-to that will be referred to over and over or an entertaining escape hatch, your customers want to know they can take it with them wherever they go.

People enjoy audio books at home too. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like reading but would rather listen to the book. Audio versions of your ebooks can make them come alive and heighten the excitement, which could lead to further sales. While ebooks and articles sometimes get lost in the crowd on our computers, we tend to be more discriminating with our audio. Keep your ebooks in the playlists of your customers by offering an audio version as well as the written word.

We tend to share audio files with our friends and acquaintances more often than we share files from our computers. That’s because audio files go more places with us than our computers do. Not many of us take our laptops to the gym or out for a walk; however we seldom leave home without something to listen to. It’s easy to tell others about something we’re reading about or listening to when it is right there with us and that could increase your sales by volumes.

You can read the books yourself, hire someone else to read them, or experiment with one of the text to audio converters available on the Internet. Make sure your audio version is as easy to listen to as your ebook is to read. Listen for the slightest sound that shouldn’t be there and ask others to listen as well. It’s imperative that you deliver a professional sounding audio version of your ebook with no sound distractions whatsoever.

You can experiment with different types of promotion and see what works best for you. You might sell the text and audio version of your ebook together as a package, separately, or even offer the audio version free of charge with the purchase of the text version. However you decide to market your audio ebooks, once you realize the income potential, you’ll be glad you added them to your overall offerings.