There are a lot of bloggers in WordPress, especially since it allows easy website management, even for newcomers. Bloggers can easily add a plugin or switch a theme which makes the blog more pleasing and functional.

WordPress have different kinds of plugins with different functions. These plugins would just require easy codes to improve your website. There are free plugins which just need to be activated, while there are plugins which can be purchased for reasonable prices.

One of the must-have plugins in WordPress is the All in One SEO Pack which will help you blog to get indexed quickly. The good thing about using WordPress is that you can be easily indexed by search engines, like Google. But installing this plugin will ensure extra Search Engine Optimization which will increase your website?s search engine rankings.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization ensures that your blog or website can be easily accessed whenever somebody searches for keyword in search engines. The truth is that internet searchers don?t usually go past the third and fourth page of search engine results. Which is why you have to make sure that you site has high page rankings whenever a keyword search related to your site is being made.

The All In One SEO Pack is definitely all-in-one. There are is no need for complicated code work. It can be easily controlled from dashboard. This is very convenient especially for those who are just starting to use WordPress.

Once you have installed the plugin and the have it activated, there are settings that need to be adjusted for maximum benefit. After installing the All in One SEO Pack, go to the Settings.

  • ┬áHome Title. This is the title that internet users will see whenever they make a search for relevant titles. You have to make sure that the title of the blog entry is not over diluted with keywords. You have to make sure that your title of choice will not only have the necessary keywords in it, but also interesting and attention-grabbing.
  • ? Home Description. This will be the sentence of phrase which will describe your blog, however, this is more for search engines rather that internet viewers or searchers. When writing the description, make sure that it is not more than 160 characters and has the right keywords in it.
  • ┬áHome Keywords. Keywords are used to search for internet articles or websites. This is what brings traffic to the site, so it is important to think what keywords will increase your traffic. It is essential for bloggers to have an idea what are the top keyword searches in their niche, to increase website traffic. Even though, WordPress will automatically generate keywords for the blog, bloggers would still be able to enter keywords that they want.

The All in One SEO Pack plugin is also easy to update, since the creator/ author regularly releases updates, sometimes several times in one week. The creator is always on the search for useful and better functions/ features for the plugins which can be very great for WordPress bloggers.