Congratulations! So, you are now an Internet Marketer! You?ve put up your Web site, and you?ve managed to scrape together the initial beginnings of a list! Boy, do you have work to do!

What we really meant to say is: Congratulations, you got through the basics!

Or maybe: Congratulations! You've started your own business. You've got a great product! Now, how the heck are you going to make use of the latest Internet marketing techniques and get ahold of new customers?

Maybe this will help: Congratulations, you now have the edge over 98% of all other viral marketers! Hmmm. Right! Just WHAT was it that created this sensation in my life, you ask?

Or, should we put it this way: Congratulations! You've become a Writer! But, oh darn — it?s an incredibly saturated market!

Perhaps this works the best: Congratulations, you just made a sale! But wait, wait! What will you do to produce the next sale, and the next and the next?

Have we scared you yet?

Let?s assume that your basics are all in order. Your your brochures, your promos, your newsletters, and your product materials are all updated, savvy, and simple to use. Let?s also presume you are aware of what your reputation is, out in the marketplace, because of course, you?ve done a client survey.

And now you are running your behind off, to perfect your reputation via well-studied PR and promotional techniques, seminars, and sophisticated advertising campaigns.

And just to put the icing on your little Internet cupcake, let?s imagine you are vigorously working on putting together an effective internal communications system to educate your people, to keep them contentedly at your firm. Congratulations, you are on your way to the next phase of Internet marketing success.

Whoa, I hear you say. All you really wanted was to have a little online business, and be able to kick your boss to the road. Client survey? Seminars? Sophisticated advertising? FIRM? What is this all about, I hear you exclaim.

Congratulations. You have arrived at the very CORE of Net Marketing. The essence of this is knowledge. The questions you ask require excellent information from exceptional TEACHERS. Right now, you are a student, as much as if you?d enrolled in an online university. You have the basic concepts, you?ve created a fundamental setting for a business, and you?ve even managed to persuade a number of readers at your brand new site to sign up to your first list. You are creating your thesis, your dissertation. Yep, you?ve got a lot of work to do.

What is not evident right now is that, with some time and patience, you will acquire enough knowledge and the skills to impart information in unique ways, and YOU will become the teacher. Choose your teachers and mentors well right now, and in the near future, you will become the mentor of choice for those following you in this path.

Remember — marketing departments (for right now, that is YOU) need to be viewed as knowledge centers. Your resource center, by the way, is easily attainable. Use the search engines to gain the knowledge to become the teacher. A simple search will show things such as these:

? This seminar will teach you how to apply database
marketing to your business…

? What this interview will teach you about Webcasts…

? The advanced marketing course is designed to teach

? We've written a book that will teach you everything
you need to know…

? This site will teach you most of the basics you need
to really improve…

? We will teach you how to update your website…

Enough? If you are serious about doing good and being beneficial to others — helping and serving other business owners AND making money at the same time… you can, between now and your next newsletter, become well acquainted with some innovative business tactics and strategies.

It is a growth process for you as well as for those who are beginning to trust you, and you can keep 5 steps ahead — at least enough to convince your readers of your intense commitment to learn what's important to them.

Congratulations! You are becoming a very GOOD teacher!

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