Hollywood celebrities live in a glamour world; an
attracting glamour world. If you plan to contact
Hollywood celebrities for business, personal or
charitable reasons, online is the best way to do so.

By browsing related websites or through search
engines, you can have your desirable celebrities?
contacts. There are basically thousands of sites
available online that possess Hollywood celebrities?

You just need to spend some time online to find the
contact you are looking for.

If you are planning for requesting money for a charity
from the celebrities, you should request the manager
or the agent. It is the manager, who decide whether
the celebrity will donate or not.

However, before asking for a donation, find out
whether the celebrity is a supporter of that
particular charity or not. You can also ask the agent.

The Agent is mainly the money guy, so he is important.
He has good relations with the celebrity, so he can
peruse your request.

These managers and agents have their own websites. You
need to carefully find out the agent who deals with
your selected celebrity and knock him.

You should write them in a polite tone, explaining why
you think that the celebrity should donate to your
charity. If you have done your homework properly, you
should know whether the selected celebrity has donated
in similar charities before. If the celebrity has done
such donations before, you can confidently put your

Most of the Hollywood celebrities have their fan
clubs. Fan clubs have websites. These sites surely
possess contacts of the celebrities along with
information that will give you an idea whether the
celebrity will donate to your cause or not. So, it is
better to go through the fan sites before requesting.