It’s only four days from now and I am getting excited!

Every year, this is the one event that I do my best not to miss! The ability to see what’s coming in future releases, network with others in your field and even talk with the software programmers themselves and let them know what you think about the software can give them some insight on what to include on their ‘Wishlist’.

You never know when you might just give them an idea that they hadn’t thought about, or looked at from your point of view!

I will be presenting a 1 1/2 hour session on Label Styles this year and this will be my first shot at giving a presentation to this large of an audience. I have been doing training for the last several years, but this will be the biggest class I have ever worked with (at last count, over 215 people had signed up for my class!)

If you see me there, let me know you visited my Blog and I may just have a surprise for you!

Hope to see you in Vegas!