There are many different ways to use back-end marketing. You can use ?one time offers? on download packages. You can offer big box specials to your customers. You can give discounts to your inactive customers on certain products to generate some interest. You can use ebooks, reports, and other low-cost products to get your existing customers to buy more of the products you offer. And all of these techniques are likely to work and to generate some extra revenue for you. However, in this article, I am going to cover the two types of back-end products that I think have the most potential: audio products and video products.

Video Products

In the Internet marketing community and in other Internet business niches, video products are associated with skill and value. Not only do they reflect well on you as a competent marketer, but they also offer your customers a new medium through which they can access the information you would normally include in a report or in an ebook.

One of the primary advantages of this medium?video?is that it allows you to give your customers a far deeper understanding of the techniques you are trying to explain. For instance, if you wanted to explain how Internet marketers could use Google Adwords to sell affiliate, you could explain it to your customers in a PDF report and include a few screenshots. Conversely, you could use a video product to demonstrate this thoroughly by walking them through each step?and showing them the final outcome.

Not only will video give them a better understanding of certain Internet marketing activities, but it will also lend you credibility. It will show that you are actually competent to create the videos and to carry out of the tasks that you suggest that your customers should be willing and able to do.

Audio Products

Similar to video products, audio products give you the opportunity to offer some significant value to your existing customers and to make some sales that you otherwise would not. For instance, you could start by taking all of your existing ebooks and reports and turning them into audio files. You could do this by simply reading them into your headset or computer microphone while using inexpensive or free audio recording software.

Once you have prepared these audio products, you can offer them at a significant discount to your existing customers. Since many of them probably own an ipod, they may be interested in purchasing the audio versions of your ebooks and reports, so that they can listen to them at the gym or while driving home in their cars.


Video and audio products always provide a great complement to existing products?whether you sell them individually or package them with the product. They also make you appear more professional and competent; and simultaneously allow you to help your customers in ways that ebooks and reports simply cannot.

So, if you are not already using video and audio products in your back-end marketing efforts, then do yourself a favor and learn how. You can start by checking out my free online course on back-end marketing, which covers these two topics and several others: http://www.yourwebsite.com.