It’s easy to get caught up in the constant inundation of the thousands of dollars others are making every day, week, or month by working at home on the Internet. It sounds good anyway, and maybe we’re sick to death of working for someone else, however there’s something about being an Internet marketer we hear little about.

It’s hard work! Did you see that part in the sales letter that promises you can make thousands of dollars in a mere 30 days? Did anyone mention the sacrifices you’ll have to make, like not going to the grocery store until you make a sale? I doubt it. If you’re thinking of making this your livelihood, however, there’s one thing you’ll have to get before you’ll be successful.

You’ll absolutely have to get “real.” Before you become an Internet marketer, you need to ask yourself some serious questions and be prepared to come up with some serious answers. First of all, do you even like this type of work, or did you just fall in love with the dollar signs in all those sales letters you’ve read? While technology has made it easier and much cheaper to open an Internet storefront than a brick and mortar storefront, the work involved isn’t necessary any easier. You’ll still work backbreaking days, make tons of sacrifices, and wonder what the heck you were thinking.

However, if this is your niche, and you believe in what you are doing and actually enjoy it most days, then almost no amount of sacrifice is too much. You’ll be working hard to build something you may have dreamed about for years. You’ll do all the research necessary to launch the best website and/or storefront possible and you’ll be willing to constantly learn new things.

If you’re selling products, you’ve researched the market, you know your target audience, you’ve designed an optimized website and yet you’re still looking for ways to improve your business. That’s how success stories are made. Even after you’ve done all the work to have the best product and site available, you’ll then have to turn yourself into an entire marketing department and vigorously market your site to keep traffic moving. Just about the time you get it all figured out, it will be time to update your site and start the entire process over again.

Don’t forget, you’ll also be expected to do the work of an entire customer service department. You’ll need to handle customer complaints, be prepared to give refunds, answer questions and remember; the customer is always right. Are you ready for this?
But then again, it’s Tuesday morning and you’re lounging in your hammock laughing at all the poor schmucks still putting up with your old boss. You may be working your tail off, but at least you get to decide when to give yourself a break.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that whatever sacrifices (within reason) you have to make to make your dream of being an Internet marketer come true are worth it. Being your own boss just doesn’t compare to working for someone else. As long as you know what you are getting into and resolve to do what it takes, you can enjoy the success you’ve always dreamed of.