Building a Fulltime Income and Squeeze Pages – Part 1

How To Build Continuous Affiliate Income With Squeeze Pages – Part 1By Iszuddin Ismail

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Let’s cover the basics really quickly. Affiliate income, that is income generated by promoting affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are online referral programs where you earn commissions when your referring traffic to merchants websites. Of course you only earn commission when your referrals make purchases.

In this article, we will talk mostly on affiliate programs around digital products such as ebooks, software and those from ClickBank. Why? Because of the huge commission. Now, squeeze pages. A squeeze page, also known as a lead capture page is a single web page with the main objective to capture visitors’ contact details, such as name and email address. You do this so that you can build your own mailing list for future promotions.

Generally, a squeeze page contains an offer and a subscription form. The offer can be something like a free ebook, or discount vouchers, or anything else. Obviously, website visitors can only get your offer when they enter their details in the subscription form.

What do you do with the contact details?

When you have collected the contact details, you store them in an autoresponder. Of course everything is automated by using the autoresponder software.

There are a number of autoresponder software out there. Some very well-known are GetResponse and Aweber. Any of these two should be able to handle your squeeze page and your mailing list.

Before you start promoting your squeeze page, you need to write a series of autoresponder messages. These are email messages that will be automatically delivered to every new subscriber, and you load them up in your autoresponder. You can schedule these messages a few days apart from one another, depending how you feel fit.

However, your first autoresponder message has to be about the offer on your squeeze page and where they can get it. If it’s an ebook for them to download, tell them where the download page is. You need to deliver what you promise them.

And then, you next autoresponder message should be about you. Tell them who you are, how you got started and how you can help them. This is the part where you start to bond with your subscribers or your readers. When you do this, you will start to gain their trust, and later it’ll be easier to sell to them.

After the autoresponder message, you can just broadcast a mailing anytime you feel like it. With my mailing list, I try to write to them every week. I don’t want them to forget who I am because it’s easy to do that when they’ve never met you in person.

Sometimes even if I don’t have anything to write, I still try to write something. I tell them how my week was, the great day I had, the bad day I had… almost anything. This will make you appear more personal, like a real person and not like phony who is trying to fake it. And that will increase the level of trust they have in you.

And every now and then, you can send them offers, sending them to merchants’ websites using my affiliate link. And if they buy what I recommend, I get commissions.

Now, here’s the “secret” to continuous affiliate income, and putting your business on autopilot.

When you send that broadcast with the promotions, sometimes you will find a product that will really bring in home money. A home run. Here’s what you do with that email message. You copy that email message and schedule them in your autoresponder. Here’s why. When you do a broadcast, all of your current subscribers will get the email. But when you put in your autoresponder sequence, all your NEW subscribers will get it too.

What you need to do next to continuously promote your squeeze page. With continuous traffic, you will get continuous income. And you also need to optimize your squeeze page for better performance, maximizing your online income. But that is something for another article.

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