Call Centers have become one of the largest sources
for customer and/or marketing services. Virtually all
of the biggest companies and corporations have some
form of a call center in place.

There are call centers that are hired by outside
sources for specified campaigns and others have their
own call centers.

The hours of operation vary depending on customer
demand and the company?s or organizations availability
to meet it.

Those offering customer service may offer a 24 hour
service, either by telephone, email, or chat, while
some have set hours of operation.

Most telemarketing call centers work afternoons with
goals to target the busiest "at home" time for
potential sales.

Call Centers have become a multi-international medium.
Call centers offer customer service inquiries and
while other call centers work primarily with sales.
Some do even do both.

For the individual who considers working in a call
center it is good to know just how variable call
center services can be.

Some work with a minimal wage, offering bonuses and
incentives, some have a base pay that is higher with
various promotional incentives, and yet others work
more on a commission basis with great commissions.

In either case, for the right individual, one can make
good money within a call center.

Some of the difficulties are the endless hours of
talking. It can be long hours at a desk, with call
after call of people complaining, calling you names,
and being down right rude.

Some of the better points however, is you get to speak
to people from all over. You can make good money and
there?s often room for growth and change. In fact,
change is one of the things Call Centers are well
known for.

Whether in sales or offering customer service, for the
right person, working in a Call Center can be a fun
and well paying career opportunity.