Call Center Managers

Being the CCM (Call Center Manager) is a huge
responsibility. Your job is to keep your supervisors
on track, ensure your representatives are happy, and
ensure that the sales/services being offered are
meeting and/or excelling company requirements.

There?s more to being a CCM than just being a boss.
You are the head of a team. This team of individuals
will be watching your actions as much as they will
hear what you say. Being able to "speak" what is
expected will only go so far; in order to keep your
representatives working well, you need to lead by

The call centers that are doing well can link their
successes in great part to the activities of the CCM.
A call center that has a poor success rate, again, can
link the problem most often, to the CCM.

The job of the CCM isn?t just keeping books, keeping
tabs on people, and making demands, he/she must make
every effort to keep the staff feeling like they are
critically important. The representatives that are
happy with their CCM will work hard to ensure they
meet the company?s requirements. The representative
who feels like a mere number will act as such.

Your representatives are the key link between the
company and the customer. An unhappy representative
can be heard by the customer, and this may and often
does, greatly impact the feelings the customer has of
the company.

As a CCM be willing to listen, be willing to be a part
of a team, not just the manager, and be willing to
care. Your job is dependent on your representatives
doing well, remembering that will greatly ensure a
great representative team.

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