A supervisor in a call center has the special task of
motivating staff and encouraging performance of the
staff. Supervisors have the drive to make a team want
to perform their duties and do them well.

A good supervisor leads by example as much as by
verbal direction.

There are supervisors who take their jobs seriously
and some like to have lots of fun. There is of course
a need for balance with this role.

Determining what that balance is, is mostly dependent
on the needs and requirements of the call center.

A call center that deals mainly in sales requires a
supervisor with an aptitude for working well with
people. A good and positive demeanor goes a long way
in this role.

The task of being a supervisor can be both demanding
and challenging. Stress may be one of the elements
that drive the supervisor which is alright if it?s
being used productively.

If however the supervisors stress level is harming
his/her performance as a supervisor and is affecting
the performance of the telephone representatives, then
it may not be the task for them.

Choosing a supervisor should be based on a number of

Must have strong people and communication skills

Must have an aptitude to handle stress

Must be able to act as a liason between the CCM (Call
Center Manager) and the Service Representative

Must be flexible, open minded, and unbiased

The skills related to the job of the Service
Representative should be proven from your track record
A good attitude is crucial for maintaining a motivated

Being a supervisor can be a fun and rewarding
position. Although it may be stressful and demanding,
a supervisor with the right rapport can produce
excellent call center representatives.