When winter sets in soon and nips at your toes, don?t
let the blues get to your love for gardening
outdoors…simply bring it in indoors!

Yes, we recommend an indoor window garden to boost
your spirits and keep the gloomy winter feel out in
the cold with sensibly chosen winter plants – some
fragrant and colorful, others edible and flavorful for
enhancing your winter menus. Try this wonderful winter
gardening remedy today:

Your windowsill is the perfect place for starting a
seasonal indoor garden that will sustain your wintry
gardener?s soul and warm your heart with perfect
seasonings for tasty, nutritious and wholesome soups,
broths and stews if you plant timely, healthful herb
when ushering out autumn.

Along with the versatile herbs like basil, compact
dill and Greek Oregano, you can also consider thyme
and parsley besides coriander that readily take to
windowsill gardening and are likely to fill your
winters with fragrance, greenery and soothing,
medicinal value when added to soups!

These only require regular watering and a few hours of
sunlight to grow and so are easy to grow even for
those not blessed at birth with a green thumb.

Perhaps, some eye candy – in the form of fresh flowers
that are regarded as winter blooms – can be your daily
delight with just a snip of a seed packet,
pre-prepared potting soil that has been treated for
fertilizer mix and contains the necessary peat moss
etc. for helping indoor plants nasturtiums, pansies
and calendulas.

Sure to bring a smile to your face and color to the
room, flowering indoor plants in your window garden,
when tended with a little bit of sunshine, water and
right soil-mixture, are the best bet for beating
winter blues!