When you are hiring persons to work in your
store/business, you want to ensure you are promoting
your ideals through the right people. Having a person
who is not approachable, doesn?t "look the part", is
rude or sarcastic, doesn?t smile, or is generally
incompetent will hurt your business.

There are skills and attributes to consider when
hiring staff, some of these are:

* Congenial and fun personality; an outgoing
individual who appears confident and posses a polite
demeanor gives the customer a feeling of comfort. If a
customer is comfortable with the agent they are
speaking with, they are more apt to stay and return
producing the sales you are looking for.

* An aptitude for managing difficult situations is a
good thing. If your employee takes everything to
heart, it may be hard to keep that employee feeling
comfortable, and this may reflect on the customer.

* An aptitude for presenting merchandise that will
help your customer takes a great person. Customers
want people who are knowledgeable and can ensure they
will get the item they need.

* A strong team player is a good quality in an
employee. If your employee cannot work well with
others it will be hard on everyone, including the

Consider who it is you are hiring, they represent your
company. You will want to have people working for you
who can bring your customers back again and again.