Civil 3D Markers are normally associated with the Points brought in from a survey.  Were you also aware that they are used in various label styles?

You can define custom markers for label styles such as Station  РOffset that you could use to place a Cleanout symbol for your Sanitary Sewer service lines, Water Valves for your water lines, Signs for your traffic control plan, let your imagination go to work for you to save you time and headaches in the plan production process!

Simply create a new Station-Offset label style for each type of symbol that normally gets added to your planset with a station-offset location and you can place (and control) the symbol at the same time that you label it.

Benefits of this approach:

Symbols are scaled correctly

Symbols can easily be rotated using the marker rotation grip

Annotation is automatically scaled to match your viewport scale and ‘twist’ angle.

Base plans have less ‘clutter’ since the symbols are only placed on the plans they need shown on.

Flexibility of using a Block or a combination of circles, squares, dots and X’s (or nothing at all).

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