One of the goals of Customer Relationship Management
is to provide an infrastructure of support that is
effective and responsive to support questions raised
by customers, complaints, and any other issues.

The Collaborative portion of the CRM is to coordinate
a multi-channel service and support system within the
company that can take care of these issues.

A technical support department has interaction with
customers. It is common for customers to submit
questions or complaints about things to the technical
support team.

For example, customers are often asking for an online
system to make purchases or check the status of their

The technical support team will take these customer
issues to the Collaborative CRM who can use this
information to provide better customer service and
create this online need.

The ultimate goal of the Collaborative CRM is to
improve the customer service experience and ensure
everyone is happy.

They might distribute surveys out to their customers
or send them by mail if a mailing list has been
established to find out answers to certain questions.

Surveys are often used to find out about customer
satisfaction regarding certain products or the
shopping experience.

Surveys often provide a lot of useful information to
the Collaborative CRM team when the receive comments
like the bathrooms are filthy, the sales girl was very
rude, or maybe someone couldn?t find a customer
service representative for over ten minutes.

Collaborative CRM gives management an idea how to make
changes within an organization or what things are not
being done so they can ultimately improve the customer