Complaining customers are a scary proposition for many
professionals, but the complaint situation represents
an opportunity – not necessarily a problem.

If you deal with a person's concerns respectfully and
helpfully, your effort and consideration will almost
always be appreciated, and former "complainers" will
walk away feeling happy and valued.

Recognizing how you can benefit from complaints given
by customers makes for an opportunity to improve and

Depending on the nature and severity of the complaint,
it?s a good idea to really grasp what the complaint
is, what went wrong, and what was done to resolve it?

Continue to meet with your team and review what the
complaint was; consider approaches to ensure it does
not happen again.

Complaints can be difficult to handle, but, don?t be
afraid of them. Be grateful to the customer for
bringing the complaint to your attention. Had they
simply ignored their dissatisfaction and went
elsewhere; it would have been a lost customer. By
their bringing this matter to you he is giving you the
opportunity to correct it and to make future efforts
on not letting the situation repeat.

Complaints + resolution = growth and customer