You have decided to start your own business online and
you want to start advertising and getting potential
customers to your site.

Imagine being able to run your business 24 hours a day
7 days a week and never leave your house to do so.

Running a business online can be very profitable if
you have the correct domain name for your business.

You don?t want to mislead your customers by
advertising something that you don?t sell to get them
into your store. This can lead to trouble and you
don?t need that.

When you choose your domain name you may want to
consider your most popular item that you will be
offering and see if you can add that into your domain

Like if you have the name "Pens R Us" chances are your
customers will know that you are selling pens, paper,
and office supplies.

When they need to order they can click on your site to
choose from the many varieties that you carry. They
may even be able to get their company logo on the pens
when they order. This is a great way to add your
business product into your domain name.

If you are selling pens and office supplies and you
choose a domain name such as "Paper Products", this
covers a lot of general ground and may not attract the
potential customers that you would have attracted if
you had used "Pens R Us".

You need to try to be specific on your domain name in
order to get it right. Your name sometimes says it all
and it is all that someone will see. Choose a name
that is important to your business and you will be a