There is a lot of truth in the advice that credit
cards are not a substitute for not having money. Every
time you use a credit card this should be the theme
replaying in your mind. And you would do good to
remember the following too.


* Always plan for the purchases that you need and
those that you want. You need the essentials, and you
want everything else. The ability of making a
distinction might help you plan wisely.

* If caught up in financial difficulties, it's always
good to talk to the issuer who might re-schedule your
payments. If you simply default, that only helps to
build up an unfavorable credit history and you might
find yourself being denied credit next time.

* Unless it is an emergency, staying within your
credit limits will help you a great deal. If you must
spend over the limit, ensure you are within the
manageable levels, say within 30 percent.

* And if your mails are flushed with more favorite
deals than you currently are enjoying, you may
approach your issuer for a better deal. They want to
retain you as their customer, so they will listen.


* Do not use your credit card to make house hold
purchases. It?s expensive in the long run

* Do not just pay the minimal amount. You will end up
paying exorbitant interest. The quicker you clear the
debt the better.

* Do not use the credit card to purchase things you
can?t afford.