The strategy for Customer Relationship Management may
differ within each company. Depending on the company
needs and focus they might consider the entire
workplace responsible for total CRM or only the sales

Most companies who take Customer Relationship
Management seriously believe it is the entire
organizations responsibility to ensure total customer
satisfaction. It is believed every job works
hand-in-hand and everyone is working toward the same

That goal is an excellent customer experience for
every customer that walks in the door. Each department
works together and when one link in that chain breaks
then the entire experience can be tattered.

Everyone must work together toward the same goal of
customer satisfaction to provide the best results for
Customer Relationship Management possible.

Many companies who rely entirely on their sales team
looks at Customer Relationship Management differently.

A company who might look at it differently is a life
insurance company sales team. Everyone in the sales
office might believe that the customer experience is
entirely up to the sales representative.

They are responsible for getting their own clients and
making their own sales and if they lose a big client,
no one is to blame but the sales rep themselves. This
can ring true for car sales businesses and the like.

Companies view CRM or Customer Relationship Management
differently. Not all companies believe it is the
entire organization?s responsibility to keep the
customer happy and provide an excellent experience.

It usually depends on the business and how they are