Though swimming is not strictly a necessity to learn
or start water skiing, it is always advisable to have
learned the art of staying afloat on the water. One
can always wear lifejackets to stay afloat in case of
losing balance.

However, there are other dangers also. Skiing on
shark-infested waters is always dangerous. When the
activity is performed in rivers and lakes, the danger
or attack from marine creatures is limited. But the
same is not the case when skiing on the seas.

This peril was caught on camera in one of the Jaws
series. The movie has kept a generation of people away
from waters, and quite possibly from the sport of
water skiing. Another danger is hidden or submerged

These could ambush skiers and throw them of balance.
However, this danger is minimal as most skiing is done
over waters that has been tested and is familiar for
the skiers. But when skiing over waters that is not
familiar to the skier, or is not chartered, then the
danger from rocks is real.

The skier always faces the danger of losing balance
and crashing in the water. This could affect even
experienced skiers. While skiing at high speeds, the
skier could lose balance and fall. The impact of the
human body on water while at high speeds can be
extremely fatal for the skier.

The best way to avoid such problems is to ski with
experts or in groups, so that there are other people
to come to your rescue when something untoward
happens. It is imperative that skiers always take
safety measures before embarking on the activity.