Depression is referred to a downturn in mood. This
"mood" is usually transitory and is usually caused by
something trivial. Depression is another way of term
for being sad, feeling blue, discouraged, hopeless or
"down in the dumps"

Depression is often the result of many factors. These
factors join together to cause feelings of depression
or may have the same results when experienced

Events in our lives, often some form of loss, are the
most likely causes of depression. The loss could be
readily apparent like the death of a family member of
a friend, or it may be less obvious.

Moving away from home for the first time can cause a
less obvious feeling of loss. Domestic problems,
financial difficulties, feelings of helplessness in
controlling your environment and even a monotonous
environment are common causes of a depressed mood.

A sad song can bring on a depressed mood. Rainy
weather and lack of sunlight are examples of common
seasonal causes.

The depressed mood can also stem from an internal
source. Lack of self-esteem or a negative view of your
life can lead to depression. Hereditary and hormonal
factors also contribute to depressed moods. Certain
illnesses can encourage depressive behavior.

A depressed mood may come on you quickly with no
apparent reason, but is likely to leave you just as
quickly. Depression lasting for more than two weeks or
so sever that it interferes with daily living may
indicate a more serious problem and should be
discussed with your doctor.