When it comes to planting flower bulbs, there is a
right way and a wrong way of doing it. Make sure that
you pay attention to the care instructions that came
with the bulbs when you bought them.

Planting tools

You can either use a trowel or shovel to dig the holes
for the bulbs. Your job would be made a great deal
easier if you used a bulb planter.

It may be a good idea to mulch the newly planted bed
of bulbs. This is recommended by most experts. The
mulch will help to prevent weeds, cool the soil,
retain moisture and it will provide more organic
material that is necessary for the growing plants.

Watering Newly Planted Bulbs

After you have planted the bulbs, they should be given
a good drink of water. It may also be helpful to water
the bulbs occasionally if the fall and winter seasons
were very dry.

You should plan on giving the bulbs at least an inch
of water each week when the growing season becomes
active. This can either be from natural rainfall or
from supplemental watering.

Fertilizing the Growing Bulbs

When you begin to see the bulbs pop their tiny little
heads out of the soil, it is very important that you
begin to fertilize them every few weeks. It is best to
use a good water soluble fertilizer. This will help to
promote additional flowering and better bulb growth.

All of the above will make sure that you have
beautiful flowers from the bulbs you have planted. It
may take a little work, but it will be worth it in the