For some, the idea of a great summer vacation is to do
absolutely nothing but sleep, swim, eat and then sleep
some more! However, there are some people who take the
opportunity to drop some excess flab and get fit into
the bargain.

Fitness camps have been springing up all over the US,
offering all kinds of treatment for those of us
blessed with a bigger than average girth.

But its not just lettuce leaves and spring water.
These camps – perhaps we should call them spas since
?camp? has a rather rigid connotation! – offer
education programs and self awareness seminars to help
the individual change the lifestyle that got them into
trouble in the first place.

Guests are taught how to evaluate there lifestyle and
to look at oneself to gain inner peace. This, coupled
with an exercise regime – be it in the gym or climbing
mountains – tailor made for the individual?s fitness
level, equips you with all you need to start that
better, more healthy, life that we all seem to promise
ourselves ?one day?.

So really it?s like going back to school to learn
healthy habits that will make you feel – and look –

Most of these spas are set in superb surroundings –
maybe a mountain retreat, or perhaps a tropical beach,
or even in another country.

If it is just a few pounds you want to shed or maybe
it really is a time for changing your lifestyle more
dramatically, then this could be the holiday for you.