Dude Ranches And Fine Wine

These terms may sound as if they are at odds with one
another but both are on offer, and in the same place,
in the United States.

Gone are the days when dude ranches were the place to
go to get down and dirty with the horses. These days?
You can ride out and do all those ?horsey? things like
rounding up cattle and helping with the branding, but
when the day is over you will find what is on offer is
far removed from the franks and beans from days gone

Gourmet dinners served with fine wines are the order
of the day. What better way to ease those aching
muscles and tired bones after a hard days riding than
to be pampered by fine dining and excellent service?

Today?s urban cowboy demands more than your old time
cowboys. Imagine you have spent the best part of the
year cooped up in an air conditioned, environment
controlled, building dealing with noisy telephones and
tight deadlines.

What better way to get away from it all than to spend
the day under deep blue skies, riding the range, and
coming home not to a camp-fire – although I am sure
they will be there! – but to exquisitely cooked food
and perfectly chilled wine?

The kids can come too! There are many ranches that
cater for the youngsters with riding lessons thrown
in. Let them help with mucking out and feeding the
young animals. They will love it!

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