Earth Studies

We, the human race, are becoming more sensitized to
the needs of the planet and its environs. With this in
mind, many places are offering vacations with a
difference. A place and time to learn what we can do
to lessen the impact we make on the earth itself.

Some places even offer courses up to master?s level
for those individuals interested in ecology. Many of
these places are running farms capable of sustaining
themselves as well as those in the local community.

All fruit and vegetables, for an example, are grown
without the use of chemicals and sometimes without the
use of machinery! – a very ?hands-on? approach not
usually seen in this day and age.

One of these ventures in particular is trying to
re-introduce the concept of local people connecting to
the food supply being grown literally in its own
backyard instead of buying everything in plastic bags
at the supermarket.

Accommodation is sometimes on the farm itself or in
the local community giving the holiday-maker a chance
to revisit rural America in a rather unique way.
Children are given a small taste of what life was like
before computers and designer labels took over.

This may not be everyone?s dream holiday, indeed it
may take some kind of persuasion from parent to child,
but I can?t help feeling that we should take a chance,
perhaps once in a while, to experience something
completely different.

This is certainly one for the more adventurous amongst

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