Well, even if you have found a great selection of
ebooks for your child, there is still one problem. Not
all computers come with the software needed to open
these files!

Not all companies release their ebooks in the same
format, but many of them will offer you a couple
different format choices.

The easiest format to use and manipulate is the .PDF
format. This is a format developed by Adobe Acrobat
which sometimes comes pre-installed on computers.

Most textbooks for online colleges come in this
format. It is very easy to use and completely free
unless you want to use the very advanced options.

If you have a Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, or handheld
Windows device, you can use iSilo Reader.
Unfortunately, this only offers you a 14 day free
trial before you have to purchase it.

Mobipocket Reader is a great alternative to this
because you get a 14 day free trial but you can use it
for free even after it expires. You just don't have
access to advanced features.

Obviously, these different types of reader programs
will vary depending on your preferred device. Even a
Sony PSP can be used for ebooks as well as a

Many people don't feel comfortable letting children
use any of these handheld devices because they can be
quite pricey. It can be a lot easier to just let the
children use your desktop or laptop PC and you can
even keep track of how many pages they read in a
certain time. This is a great option for homework.