In today's technological age, portable electronic
devices are everywhere. They range in price from
$50-$600 and can do almost anything a home computer
can do.

Are these right for children? Probably not. You stand
to lose a lot of money and maybe even personal
information if one of these devices gets misplaced.

There are however, ebook readers that only do one
thing. Read ebooks. These aren't very expensive and
don't have many bells and whistles but they are great
at what they do. These can be found on sites like

One of the older ebook reading devices is the Franklin
eBookMan. These do run about $150.00 but are very
sturdy and are easy to use. Even a 4 year old could
use an eBookMan just fine.

They do have some special features that make them a
lot like any typical PDA. This could be overkill for a
child but might work for a teenager.

There are many more out there also. Sony has one of
the coolest ebook reading devices available. It has
easy to read text and is very sturdy.

The best bet for children is still by far the home
computer. It's very difficult to damage and you
already have one. If you decide you want to get any
type of ebook reading device, make sure your child is
old enough to use it properly and it won't get broken.

Many game devices allow you to download and read
ebooks too. If your child already has a Nintendo DS or
PSP, you might check their official sites and see what
type of ebook software they support.