Seeing is believing isn’t it? While thousands of savvy Internet marketers are taking advantage of the latest the digital age has to offer, thousands more haven’t yet realized the enormous potential of setting their words to video.

Long before the Internet was even thought of, society has recognized the need for visual aids in sales promotions. We see this when we see a product demonstration at a local retailer and we’ve seen this idea explode in infomercials. While how-to books and articles have always been popular, now that we have the means to add video to our Internet presentations, we should seriously consider the impact this marketing tool has to offer.

Look how popular cooking shows have become in the last decade. Who wants to merely read a recipe when we can watch it being prepared right before our eyes? Besides, think of all the unasked questions that are being answered when we are able to watch something being done as opposed to merely reading about it. Another perk to using video to enhance your offerings: mega marketers now troll the Internet looking for the next commercial. While your video may not make the next Geico commercial, it could have a serious and positive impact on your sales.

Remember the Video Professor commercials? That’s an example of someone who understood the positive impact of visual aids. This company produces videos that show people how to perform the simplest computer functions, as well as other material. While an article about how to do such and such using Microsoft Word or Excel can be quite helpful, there’s nothing as powerful as seeing the required actions come to life on the screen in front of you.

Internet marketers promoting almost any type of how-to can benefit from the added impact a video will produce. While an article, blog, or ebook teaching others how to maximize gas mileage, especially when gas prices are so high, is an interesting read, how much more powerful would your product be if you included a two minute video showing exactly how some of these methods can be carried out?

You don’t have to be a professional videographer with thousands of dollars in equipment to offer this value adding supplement to your product. Just take a look at some of the videos on YouTube and other video sites. While some are clearly produced by amateurs, many others look pretty good.

You’ll also find plenty of free video editing software online that you can play around with if this is a new niche for you. You might also consider hiring someone to do a short video if you’d like to offer it as part of your how-to package but don’t want to go to the trouble to film the segment yourself. You can always post the job on a number of bidding sites and ask to see samples of video work before you actually hire someone. Make sure the rights transfer to you upon the sale and you’ll have added a punch to your package.