The master or main bedroom is the most important
bedroom of the entire house. Everything from the
harmony of the house to the finances of the house can
be influenced by the master bedroom.

There are four major factors you should consider about
it. What shape is the bedroom? Where is the bed? What
area of the house is it in? What is used for
decoration? These all play a pivotal role in the flow
of energy in the house.

The shape of the bedroom is very important in feng
shui. A rectangular or square room is the best. If
your bedroom is oddly shaped, you can use a room
divider to help it maintain a more rectangular shape.

The bed shouldn't face a door or protruding edge of
any kind. These are both symbols of negative energy
and can be impossible to correct without moving the

You should also avoid having any overhead beams above
the bed or windows behind the headboard. Mirrors
facing the bed also negatively affect the Chi of the

The ideal place for the master bedroom is in the
Northwest of the house. This might not always be
possible however and the next best choice is the
Southwest. These two areas represent the Patriarch and
Matriarch respectably.

Decorations are important but you don't want to overdo
it. Depending on what your goals are, you can
configure and energize the bedroom for romance,
marriage, or relationships. You should avoid
energizing the bedroom for luck in wealth.