A garden can benefit from feng shui and even help
change the energy in your home. A properly arranged
garden can be a place to be uplifted and energized and
also soothed and relaxed.

This balance is very necessary but is easy to
accomplish by using various plants, flowers, and

The best place to have an entrance to your garden is
facing South. The garden will get the maximum amount
of sun exposure. You should also use an arch or open
space instead of a closed gate.

There aren't any specific plants you are supposed to
use but you should maintain a good balance between
colors. Since hotter and brighter colors increase your
energy, you should have them separated from your
cooler and mellower colors which will relax you.

One of the hardest things to do in a garden is avoid
clutter but this is a must in feng shui. When you
first plant, everything is pretty small and your
garden may look a little barren.

This is just fine. You want to make sure that each
plant has its own space so you don't end up with a
cluttered jungle.

It's easy and fun to incorporate the five feng shui
elements into your garden. A birdbath can cover water,
some lights or torches are fire, and for earth, clay
pots and small boulders work wonders.

As far as paths in your garden go, you should avoid
straight paths and instead opt for curvy, leisurely
paths made from rounded tiles. Avoid edges whenever
possible in your paths.