Ebooks are very popular all over the Internet. They
are used to promote products, in marketing, and often
are distributed for free by the author.

Many aspiring novelists who have been rejected time
and time again turn to the world of ebooks to
distribute their material. It's not rejected due to
low quality but sometimes publishers just avoid a
certain genre if it isn't popular.

Many up and coming children's book writers have
discovered that by distributing a free ebook or two,
their name recognition may improve and sometimes
publishers will just contact them first.

There are all kinds of places to get free ebooks for
children. Just using any of your favorite search
engines should get you a lot of results.

Some sites that have these free ebooks are religious
in nature, educational, or privately developed.
Sometimes if you join a kids club online, you will
receive free children's ebooks in your e-mail on a
weekly or monthly basis.

Many sites will have you register with them before you
can download any free children's ebooks. This is
usually pretty safe but before you do, make sure to
read the fine print.

You don't want to have your inbox filled with garbage
forever. There is rarely a subscription fee for these
free ebook sites because the authors usually give
everything away.

Before you sit your child down at the computer or with
their personal ebook reader, make sure you flip
through most of the pages. Odds are everything is how
it should be, but as in any industry there are always
one or two bad apples out there.

Also read an abstract of the story so you will know if
any important characters are going to die as that can
be hard on children.