Getting The Message Across

If you are someone who uses chat programs such as AIM,
ICQ, Yahoo messenger, MSN, or Googletalk and have a
lot of online friends, it can be a great way to get
people to read your blog and to leave comments on it.

As it is with your signature on your email, you don't
want to just send an instant message to people
everytime you update your blog. You also don't want to
simply send a message to someone asking to read your

For someone who has been on your friends list for a
while, you can be less formal of course, but you want
to be polite when you talk to people who you may have
not talked to in a while or someone who is new.

Use your own judgement when you are chatting with
people about your blog. If it's someone that you
haven't talked to in a while, and someone asks you
what you have been up to, you can point them to your
blog so that they know what is going on with you.

Some blogs, like LiveJournal, have their own messaging
program, so that's also another good way to advertise
your blog.

Be certain that you don't send someone a message
though only to advertise your blog. It's more polite
to say something about their blog first, and then tell
them about your blog.

If you have a common interest, it's a good ice breaker
and it will give you something to talk about.

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