If you are faced with a double whammy of being a
constant traveler as well as a golf aficionado, well,
you have a problem at hand. And the only solution is
to carry a full set of traveling accessories so that
you remain in touch with your golf swing.

If you wish to retain your handicap while you travel,
you will need some of the following:

– Foldable golf clubs suck, but they are still better
than having no golf clubs at all. Arrange them
logically in a golf bag so that you can find them when
you need them. Take a few basic ones along with you,
there is no need to take the full set with you.

– You get reinforced traveling golf bags for a
slightly higher price tag. But since this is a
one-time investment, go ahead and splurge a bit. The
metal covered bags will keep your clubs safe while
traveling. You know how the airlines and porters
handle your luggage!

– As with all your other traveling stuff, name and
label each and every thing in your golf bag including
the bag itself. If things get misplaced in transit
then, this way, you at least have a ghost of chance to
get your stuff back.

– As far as possible, use golf shippers like ShipGolf,
who will deliver your whole set the very next morning

– Carry backup tees and balls in case you misplace
your regular set.