Golf is an outdoor sport, which involves individuals
with clubs in their hands, balls as their weapons and
holes as their targets. The battle is won when one
completes 18 holes in the game, in accordance with the
games rules.

A single play is called as a Round. Golf is one of
those few games, which is not confined by a specific
playing area.

The rich man's game is a little complex to understand,
learn and play; but if you're seriously up for it,
then you're in for some big money. So, let's look at
one of the most important aspects of golf-play, the
Golf Swing.

A Golf Swing, in a broad sense, is the rotation of the
player's body, while he's aiming at accelerating the
club head and hitting the ball with it. The first
swing of the game starts at the teeing box.

A teeing box is an area marked for initiation of the
first shot of the game, called as the tee shot.

How to do it right

The golf swing works on the principles of Physics, and
can be a good example for people studying angular

By a right handed player, the golf swing would be done
somewhat like this – A backswing towards the right, a
downswing, while hitting the ball, towards the left,
and the follow through.

Left handed golf players are very few. In fact, many
left handed people prefer to play golf using their
right hand. If you learn this basic, you've completed
the first step in learning golf.