Holidays With 'Me? In Mind

The kids are staying with the grandparents, the summer
is here, and you have two whole weeks of nothing in
front of you. What do you do?

A truly superb treat for yourself is to try out a spa
vacation. Take time to recharge those batteries and
get back in touch with you and/or your loved one.

This could be a time to kick back, leave your worries
at home and be rejuvenated by the many treatments
available. How about a specialized massage with sweet
smelling oils followed by a fruity facial? Then off to
the sauna to sweat out those toxins that have been
accumulating all year.

There are virtually hundreds of these spas all around
the world and most have something unique to offer.
Perhaps your idea of 'recharging? your batteries is to
lie in a hammock reading a good book whilst sipping
exotic drinks from a coconut.

Or perhaps you would like to nibble on mangoes and
papaya after the early morning yoga session? Whatever
your desire, it is on offer.

Choosing this type of holiday may be one of the best
decisions you ever made. If your life is full of
stress – and who doesn?t have that kind of life these
days – this could be the time you take for yourself to
evaluate and consider where your life is leading you.

It may seem a little self indulgent but didn?t you
work so hard this year? Go on – you deserve it!

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