Everyone loves Hollywood celebrities. Glamour world
attracts us just like water attracts fish! We often
get obsessed with this glamour world and the Hollywood
celebrities, which sometimes results in us wanting to
contact them.

Contacting with these ?out of reach? Hollywood
celebrities can be hard. But if you know where to look
for, and whom to ask for celebrity?s contact and
schedule, things become easier.

First you need to decide, whose address or contacts
you are actually looking for. You can then go
collecting the agent?s contact address or e-mail
address online.

The agent will work as a bridge between you and your
loved celebrity. Collecting the manager?s contact
information will do the same. If you can convince
them, you move very close to talking or even meeting
the celebrity.

The Agent is basically the money guy, so he is
important. He has good relations with a lot of
celebrities. Therefore hitting on an agent might open
doors of several celebrities.

These agents have their own websites. You need to
carefully find the agent who deals with your selected
celebrity and get closer to him.

Searching for the celebrity?s manager is also a good
thing to do. Managers generally take care of all
aspects of the celebrity?s professional career
including hiring agents, publicists and lawyers.

Major business decisions and related matters go
through the managers. Therefore, if you can find
contacts of the precious manager, you are one step
ahead in meeting or talking with the celebrity.

You will easily find the managers online. Just send
them an e-mail or a letter. In your letter, explain
why you are actually contacting that particular