How To Create And Add A Shopping Cart To A Site

There are many solutions to adding a shopping cart to
an online merchant site. You may want a very
personalized shopping cart for your portal and so will
have to hire the expert services of a software

There are many online merchant solution service
providers out there and can have your shopping cart
software and payment gateway set up and running in a
matter of days, but it is bound to cost you.

Then there are free online merchant solutions
available such as the many online payment services.
PayPal is one such solution and a very trusted one.

With the free online merchant solutions available you
do not have to make a payment up front. These services
charge you a percentage of the payments you receive

They have ready made software that is easy to install
on your site. You just have to fill in an online form
that requires some details of your business and
payment procedures.

They will then provide you with software code that is
generated instantly. You have to just copy and paste
this code in the html code of you site.

The online payment processor will guide you how to do
this as well. When you are done, you will be able to
accept payments from customers through credit cards
and debit cards. The difference with the free payment
processors and customized online merchant software is
that the money will not be deposited into your bank

The payment will go to the online free payment
processors account and you will have to withdraw it
from there to your bank account for which there will
invariably be a charge.

These are good solutions for small online businesses
as it beats paying huge software development costs.

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