You have created a domain name for your website and
now you need to drive customers to your website. No
one knows that your website even exists unless you
advertise your business and what you have to offer.

In order to do that you will have to be willing to
devote some quality time to get your name out to
everyone you can. There are a few things you need to
determine before you get started.

Decide if your business or products will help the
young, teens or adults. Will it help women or men Will
it provide a short term solution where someone will be
purchasing from you frequently or will it provide a
long term solution

These questions need to be answered in order to
provide the best domain name and to reach the most
compatible customers.

Once you have answered the questions it is time to
start marketing your website by using your domain
name. You will need to advertise on other sites that
are similar to yours.

Most of these websites require that you pay for
advertising but the cost is usually affordable and you
get your business advertised to twice as many people
then if tried another method of advertising.

If you don?t want to pay for advertisement you may
want to try email marketing. When you are preparing
your email to send make sure you display your domain
name somewhere in the subject so your email recipient
will know who the email is from and who may be sending
future email so them.

The best marketing system will be determined by your
business and what you want to offer.