You can spend a good chunk of change promoting your online business or website but you can also take advantage of many of the free ways to enjoy site advertisement as well. In fact, thousands of Internet marketers don’t spend a dime on advertising and they don’t have to because they’ve done such a good job of promoting their site without incurring any costs. The following paragraphs will discuss some of those ways.

Blogging has become a popular form of self and site promotion in the Internet age. If you don’t already have a blog, start one. Keep it interesting, fresh, and up-to-date and offer something extra for anyone who will give you their email address. This opt-in tactic could offer free tips or a free sample; something other than what your blog offers and something that will provoke added interest in your site or product.

Write articles about your product. If you’re selling a well known name-brand product, for example, write factual reviews and publish these with a link to your site for those wanting more information or for those wanting to purchase the product. There are several sites that publish product reviews so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a relevant, concise review published.

Post in forums and include a link to your site or product if permitted. Don’t annoy others at the forum by selfishly self-promoting your site or product without really getting involved. Loyal forum members can sniff out this type of poster within seconds and you’ll no longer be welcome. Instead, respond to posts for which you have something to offer, congratulate someone who is sharing a success story, or empathize with someone who is having a rough day. Your link will be right there under your post for the curious to click. In addition, as you get better known within the forums, more people will inevitably click on your link.

Trade links with others. Network with others with similar and different sites and offer to trade links. Be a little discriminating here though, as you don’t want to be affiliated with a site that may have unethical or unsavory business practices. Get to know the sites to which you make this proposal ahead of time to ensure your links will be placed on strictly reputable sites.

One of the best methods of free advertising available is to work diligently to have an optimized website that will consistently show up in the front pages of the search engines. This means paying attention not only to keyword usage, but many other components of your site as well, including interesting and factual content.

All of the methods mentioned above require constant attention. You can’t simply write an article or make a forum post and expect to have a traffic jam on your site. By committing yourself to promoting your business using a variety of methods, however, you can expect to generate much more traffic than if you simply slap a website together and wait for traffic to breeze in the front door.