If your company finds that you have a quality customer service representative, you should make every effort to keep them. An appreciated employee is a happy employee, even if the job seems demanding. This doesn?t mean you have to pay them an ungodly amount of money to retain them, but there are lots of smaller things the company can do to keep good employees around. From offering a raise to various incentives, the company should provide good employees with appropriate rewards.

Let?s talk about offering a raise to a quality customer service rep. There are certain things that should be considered when offering such a reward, one of them being time in service. If the employee has not been working for the company very long (six months or less), then a smaller raise would be appropriate. However, the amount you choose to offer the employee is entirely up to the company. It could be a small amount such as an extra .25 per hour, or if it?s in the company?s budget, more. If the employee has been working as a customer service rep for a decent amount of time, consider offering a larger raise. Remember that any amount will be appreciated by the employee, as they are also earning a paycheck to support themselves or their family.

Sometimes customer service representatives work in teams. This helps provide employees with an ability to work together and promotes unity within a company. Rewards for teams should not be any less significant than a reward for an individual. A company could provide a team with a free lunch or day off with pay. Working in teams sometimes helps to ease the demands of customer service, as employees are able to relate to issues together rather than individually.

Many companies offer bonuses to their employees. These typically come around at special times such as birthdays, anniversaries of employment, or holidays like Christmas. A bonus is an amount given to the employee which is not part of the employee?s actual paycheck, it?s a ?gift? from the company to reward the employee for a job well done. Again, the amount is entirely up to the company but a customer service representative will particularly appreciate this offering. It allows them to spend the money on themselves and treat themselves while offering a welcome break from the demands of customer service.

Another potential reward a company could consider offering customer service representatives is what?s known as a ?competition reward?. This could be something as big as an all-expense paid vacation or something as small as a free dinner to a nice restaurant. It?s a reward that?s earned by an individual for outstanding service or for handling a particularly tough situation well. It gives the employee a goal to work for and helps keep the job interesting.

There are always basic rewards such as a certificate, plaque, or a paid day off. These are not as exciting as other incentives but still provide the employee with a sense of appreciation for their hard work. A company should strive to keep rewards for their customer service reps exciting and desired. A piece of paper stating the customer service representative is a good employee is not as meaningful as a tangible reward.