Identity Theft Victims

Everyone has heard about identity theft and what
happens to the victims. Who are the victims though?
How did they even get into that terrible situation?

Most of us naturally assume this could never happen to
us because, let's face it, we live pretty boring
lives. Why would anyone want to be us right?

It's this thinking that puts everyone at risk.

The usual goal of the average identity thief is to get
cool stuff. They might be unskilled in a trade and
make just enough money to skim by in life and decide
they will risk jail time in the pursuit of living good
for even just a little while.

Many identity thefts get solved because the thieves
aren't terribly good at it or they learned how to do
it by some other criminal.

Most stores in the US have some type of surveillance
so once the thief maxes out a credit card, they are
tracked down within a couple of months. They might
enjoy their new Playstation 3 for a while but in the
end, they will spend a long time in jail.

So how do you know if you are prime victim? Identity
thieves look for easy targets. If they wanted to put
effort into something, they'd have a real job.

Thieves look for average people that wouldn't expect
it to happen to them. The elderly are prime targets
for identity theft. Many elderly people don't have
many friends and love to talk to just about anyone.

On the phone or even in person, someone can offer to
help them with finances or pretend they won a contest
or inheritance and if the person is trusting and
believes the con artist, they might give out their
personal information.

Not just elderly people do this. You may know someone
or even be someone who is naturally trusting of other
people. Educate yourself and loved ones on how these
thieves operate and you will be a lot safer.

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