One of the most damaging types of identity theft is
more common than you think. Do you make sure you don't
have your social security card in your wallet or

Do you shred every document you have with your social
security number on it after you don't need it anymore?
Not many people do.

I'm sure in my garbage right now are papers with my
social on them. This number alone allows people to
amass huge debts with your name on them.

This might sound like it would take a lot of work but
just call a phone company and ask them what they need
to open a new account. They need an address, social
security number, name, and birthday.

All it takes is someone to call you up, confirm your
social security number and say you won some type of
prize. People get really excited and will offer all
kinds of information.

Name and birthday are always just spit right out. Now,
someone just ordered a modem, phone, cable, and every
single accessory a phone company offers and you are
the one responsible for the bill.

Sure, this can easily lead to an arrest but often,
these thieves only rent a room somewhere until they
get all this stuff and leave.

Depending on the motivation and intelligence of the
identity thief, they can create complete identities to
get illegal immigrants across the border, rent homes,
get utilities, and even get legal employment all
pretending to be you.

It could take months or even years to realize there is
someone out there screwing with your life. The end
result could be devastating. Imagine the IRS thinking
you have 3 homes even if they are rentals and nowhere
near the income to pay for them.

The IRS would take a very close interest in your life
and nobody likes that.