The people who work on the back end of a business are
ultimately responsible for the way things work for a

Although, to a customer their work and duties are not
visible, they are the ultimate lifeline for CRM.

Many of these positions include departments like
information technology, billing, maintenance,
planning, marketing, advertising and more.

The Information Technology department assists with
internal collaborations by ensuring the employees have
phone lines, computers to work on, and information
processes in place. When these are not occurring as
they should be then the employees are unable to do
their jobs.

An Advertising department also works behind the scenes
for the customers to create an image for the company.
They also create discounts and coupons for the
customers. The advertising department is in charge of
grabbing the attention of the customer in a positive

The manufacturing department is who is responsible for
creating the customer?s products. This department is
usually noticed the least along with the maintenance

Although the customer?s primary purpose is to purchase
the product coming from manufacturing they never
experience contact with these people.

Manufacturing ensures good CRM by creating a quality
product and using quality assurance methods to be sure
the customer?s never get a defective product.

There are many departments that work behind the scenes
to ensure the customers have an excellent experience
with a company.

According to the strategy and theory of quality CRM,
the entire company and every department is responsible
for creating the experience.