Internet Marketing Campaigns

Build a Real BusinessAre you curious about the world of Internet marketing but
feeling a little intimidated about using it to help your
business grow You don’t need to be. By taking some time to
educate yourself about Internet marketing, you will be able
to add this strategy to your marketing bag of tricks.

There are two main types of Internet marketing campaigns
you should be familiar with Pay per Click (PPC) and Search
Engine Optimization (SEO). To have a better chance at
achieving success marketing your products or services
online, you may want to incorporate both strategies into
your marketing plans.

Pay per Click

Once you launch your site, you will want to generate
traffic (and business) right away. Using a Pay per Click
campaign will help you reach this goal. Here’s how it

You bid on search termskeywords that you think people
interested in your products or services would use when
trying to find your site. When someone types in one of the
words you have chosen, an ad with a link to your web site
will appear. You may have seen them in your own search
results as Sponsored links. You are charged a certain
amount when someone clicks on your ad to get to your

Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have PPC campaigns you can
participate in. Choosing keywords for your PPC campaign can
be a bit challenging; you will likely find that the most
popular keywords are also the most expensive ones. Don’t be
afraid to choose keywords that reflect the search terms
that an average Internet user would type in to find your
site, even if they are not near the top of the list. The
idea here is to get visitors to your site, after all.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting free
traffic to your web site. It will take some time for your
website to get indexed (listed) by search engines but if
you can get ranked well by one of the Big Three search
engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), you are likely to get a
steady stream of visitors to your site.

Once your website is up and running, make sure that you
update your content on a regular basis. Search engine
crawlers (bots) go out through the Web to look for new
pages and you can improve your site ranking by keeping it
stocked with new information.

You will also want to make sure that your content has
keywords relevant to your niche market you are targeting.
These are the terms that Internet users will type into the
search box to find you.

Don’t be afraid to use a phrase made up of several words
when you are choosing keywords for your content. Many
people use these long tail keywords to find things they
are interested in online, and when you choose to
incorporate them into your content, you make it easier for
these motivated buyers to find you.

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