Internet Payment Gateways – Should You Make Your Own In-house

An internet payment gateway is crucial for any online
merchant account to facilitate selling goods and
accepting payment for the same. This is known as

This process is like any sale made in a physical
store, where someone buys a product and passes his or
her card to the check out clerk for payment. Only with
an Internet payment gateway, the customer does not
have to pass his card over but just enter the card
data into a secure online form.

This data will include the card number, name of the
holder and the CVV number on the rear of the card. The
payment will be debited from the card and in a matter
of days, will be credited to the merchant?s bank

From a security aspect, online payment gateways are
quite secure, though the customer should be certain
that he or she is using a reputed site. Look for the
?s? after the ?http? in the URL of the site.

This is a start but not a guarantee to prevent the
site from using your card information for illicit
purposes. So does it make a difference if you make
your own Internet payment gateway in-house? Perhaps

This will give the net savvy customer a feel that you
have taken the trouble of developing your own secure
software instead of just getting one off the net. It
will also merge with your site design instead of
displaying other third party ads and logos on your

It may cost you a little more, but you will be
offering your online customers a sense of security and
will have full control of the software. So you will
not have to wait for the third party to wake up to
rectify any fault in the online processing solution
they have set up for you.

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