As Internet Marketers we are always looking for ways to streamline the back end of our business, allowing more time for the most import aspect of our operation and that is marketing.

In a Hurry?

Having been in the industry for awhile now, I am sure you are recognizing the same trend I am. The industry is moving away from HTML driven website to the more versatile PHP Programming. Now a days more and more scripts we need to market our products and promote our websites are being written in PHP. An irreversible trend we are going to have to live with.

Recently, I came across the powerful Video Training Series, PHP Powerhouse. In just 3 short hours Pete Bolduc, an Award Winning Freelance Web Designer, laid out a solid foundation which, when added to my base knowledge of HTML, is allowing me to produce high quality PHP Driven Sites.

For a while now I have realized that learning PHP was a task I would under take. PhP Powerhouse circumvents the learning curve quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend this learning tool to you. Likewise, I recommend you watch this informative video:


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