Is your business in need of an easy and fast way to
organize and sort your company products and the like? Then
JV Manager is the newest and best solution you can find.

With this, you can divide and sort your products out
accordingly, and at the same time, permits you to organize
your products and packages with specific merchandise that
is assembled with them.

JVManager also organizes online payments through various
payment systems and credit card processors.

Moreover, you will have no problem accessing their
membership profiles and records. By means of CheckOut.com
or PayPal.com, you can accept their orders.

With JV Manager, you can easily distribute the products
they have ordered from you, and soon, other companies will
soon join to widen the circle of payment systems that are

With this software, your clients and customers can access
your web site and simply follow the instructions on how to
download their purchases or utilize their memberships after
they have purchased a product.

What?s good about this software program is that you can
automate sales. Plus, the allowing of payments through
various systems increases its accessibility.

It can take care of and manage the orders, the sales, and
the customers? records and documents. In addition, it can
also monitor and keep an eye on your subscriptions.

It can also handle your email duties and other tasks as
well. It can be used on any server – you no longer have to
consider buying a new server just for the sake of
organizing your business. It can send the cash and payments
into your own account while maintaining and organizing the

Moreover, the receipts are sent right to your clients and
customers and JVManager also takes good care of the notices
and emails attached to their purchase or access.

So what else can you think of? Besides that, it also has an
affiliated software program that contains the business and
other people can promote your goods and merchandise without
losing your profits and sales. It is the friendliest
solution to your online business necessities.

As you encounter common blunders, JV Manager is here to
help you solve them. Getting started is easy and very
hassle-free. You can install JV Manager on almost any
server since it is coded in PHP script.

The transactions are integrated and monitored. Furthermore,
it can handle both products and packages. Even if you are
new to technology, the step-by-step instructions make it
very easy to download and purchase.

It doesn’t matter if you are already a professional or not.
The thing is, you must have it right away. It will start
your business in no time and it will help you throughout
the transactions and your success. Once you have installed
it, the job is done and can be started whenever you like.

Even if they are situated on another server, you will not
have a hard time accessing it for all your products and

From the Package Manager to the Product Manager, Download
Manager, Universal Payment Manager, Refund Manager,
Automatic Access and Password Generator, Membership
Manager, Sales Manager and much more, all of the things you
are looking for are here. All in one complete package at a
fair price. This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime,
so it is better to get it now than regret it for the rest
of your life.

In addition, it contains the Download Manager, Auto
responder Manager, Charity Manager and URL Protector.
Indeed, what an amazing package. Many who have tried it say
that it is an enormous software program that incorporates
and adjoins all the best elements and features into one

It aims to increase your sales, and at the same time,
organize and contain your documents and records that you
might use in the future.

It drives you to maximum involvement and helps you learn
more as your sales and profits gradually increase. This
will definitely make your business better and more
progressive. This is your way to expanding and enlarging
your online business, providing good management and
consolidating your business with ease.

Only JV Manager has the ability to do this.

JVManager? and Fantasos? are TRADEMARKS of The Internet Company LLC.